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DS Design is the independent studio of web designer and developer Daniel Saunders, focusing on crafting stunning, user-friendly, and future-proofed sites.


Bridging the realms of design & development

Effective Frontend Development

Building a site doesn’t have to be overly complicated. I favor modern tools that prioritize speed, simplicity, and a fantastic experience for the end user.

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Case Study

Brilliant preview of a brilliant case study.

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My Approach

Crafting beautiful & more human experiences for the modern web

Design for the Web

The web is an inherently fluid medium that calls for designs that effortlessly adapt to changing viewport sizes and contexts.

Consider All Users

A site that works only for a privileged few goes against the ethos of accessibility in the idea of the world wide web.

Build Intelligently

Because web technology changes at lightning speed, it’s important to bet on the fundamental parts that won’t change—HTML, CSS, and JS.


My headshot: a white man with short hair, glasses, and a friendly smile.


Daniel Saunders, Principal

Freelance web designer and developer with over 8 years of experience creating visually captivating, successful websites for individuals, organizations, churches, and businesses.

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